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Wedding Muslim or Islamic Wedding in bali

Muslim religion has their own way to conduct their wedding. The Name of wedding ritual in muslim is Akad Nikkah. The Akad Nikkah will Lead by the Penghulu (Headman), Headman should be chosen by KUA (Religion Office Affair). Bali Grace Wedding is ready to facilitate the requirement of the Islamic Wedding, wheather is commitment Islam wedding or legal Muslim Wedding, we are here to assist you for your BarrakahWedding as your dream wedding in Bali.

The Islam Wedding Procession will lead by Penghulu (Headman), Akad  Nikkah Will be Shah if there is Penghulu, Ijab Qabul, Mahar, the Walli of the Bride, the Witnesses. Ijab Qabul contained of two words, Ijab and Qabul. Ijab is a statement that says from the Penghulu, and Qabul is the acceptance of the Groom the accept the responsibility of the bride. Mahar is a present from groom to the bride as an expression of the respectful. Walli is the father of the bride, or could be grandpa or could be uncle, if the Father already passed away. Witness can be anyone but it will be better if the witness from the brides family.