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Wedding in Bali

Bali Grace wedding serves a wide range of formal or informal ceremonies. You and your partner can combine our extensive range of services to make your wedding unforgettable.
Commitment Ceremonies
This type of wedding service is suitable for those who do not wish a full legal wedding ceremony but wish to express their love and mutual commitment to one another. At the end of the ceremony the couple will receive Certificate of Commitment issued by Bali Grace Wedding. Be advised that this ceremony is not legally recognized and cannot be registered.

Renewal of Vows
This is not a formal wedding, rather it is a renewal of vows that serves as a reflection of couple’s past love and contentment and blessing for the continued happiness on their journey of married life. The process is not much different from that of religious wedding but you will only receive the Certificate of Renewal Vows, issued by Bali Grace Wedding at the end of the ceremony.

Legal Weddings

To be legally married in Indonesia it is required under Indonesian law that a religious wedding ceremony should precede a civil wedding ceremony. A civil registrar will then continue the ceremony by the reading out of the wedding vows together with the rights and responsibilities of the husband and wife based on the applicable laws of Indonesia and thereby legalizing your marriage. You will receive two certificates at the end of the wedding ceremony; one certificate issued by the minister and another from the government, issued by the Civil Registrar.