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Kecak Dance – The Love Symbol of Rama and Sinta- Bali Entertainment Show

KecakDance - Wedding Performance

KecakDance – Wedding Performance

Rama Sinta Legend Story

Rama Sinta Legend Story

Kecak dance is performed by atleast 50 person. The story is about the Love Story between King Rama and Queen Shinta. Besides King Rama and Queen Shinta, there is ntagonist role Rahwana, the beast who kidnap Sinta. The performance is not using sound system or traditional balinese music, but the sound coming up from the mouth of the 40 person men dancers who surround the performance, all men will sitting and make a large circle, and the dance performance will perform in the middle of the circle. The men will make a sound like “Cak” and “Poung” with the harmonisation so then will give the ambieance according to the situation of the story line.

The Kecak Dance told about the strength of the love between King Rama and Sinta. The Story Begin when King Rama and Queen Sinta Coming up from the entrance door, They Dancing together as a couple dance, after that  there is a golden deer show up in the forest. That Golden Deer really takes Sinta attention and she begging to her husband to catch that deer in the deep of the forest. Unfortunately, that Golden deer is only a decoy from the beast to make King Rama stay away from his wife. In the performance, there is a long manuver in the dancing when Rahwana try to kidnap Sinta, as Sinta give a lot of defence. shortly, Rahwana success to kidnap Sinta and take her away with him. In the middle of forest, King rama fail to catch the golden deer, and in the way back he meet the Hanuman (The Monkey) Hanuman tell him that Sinta has been kidnap by the Rahwana. up and then, King Rama try to get back his lovely wife, he need to fight the Rahwana and take her back with him. shortly, King Rama win the fight, but now there is a new problem, King Rama feel doubt about the Sinta, he doubt for that Sinta still faithfull to him, is she still “pure” for me, listening to that, Sinta feel upset then she make a promise and will give a verification for Rama’s statement. She give a statement to King Rama, “I will jump on that Fire, if I get burn, then I am not faithfull and I am not pure/holy for you anymore, but if my body don’t get burn by that fire, then what I am saying to you is proved that I am faithfull and pure to you” .  Suddenly, She Jump into the big fire and King Rama get shock by her action. The Sinta body is clear, not get burn at all and it prove everything that Sinta never get “touch” by rahwana. After that, King Rama and Queen Sinta back to their palace and happily every after.

This performance is full about the Love purity, this story is ancient legend about love . The Dance is perform in a very exotic and dramatic way. The Whole Duration of the dance is about 30 minutes. and this performance is very suitable for you and your guests who willing to know more about the ancient  Legend Hindu/Bali.