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Vietnamese Traditional Wedding in Bali

Bali Grace Wedding provide any kind of wedding traditional. Recently we have done Vietnamese Traditional Wedding, where both couple wearing a very unique of their traditional clothes.

The Big Lines about the Vietnamese Wedding is the couple should bow to every part that they need to respect for whole of their marriage.

The Ceremony start with the entrance of whole bride and groom family to the altar , start from their parents and followed by their siblings, bridesmaid and groomsmen, and then Bride and Groom entrance with their traditional vietnamese clothes.

Father of the groom start to give their speech then followed by the Father of the bride.

The Main ceremony start with, both bride and groom Bow to the Altar table (Symbol of the God and other predecessors) followed by the bride and groom deep bow to both their parents, bow to both their sibling and friends, and last one bride and groom deep bow to each other. That is the symbol of their respect and loving to each other for the rest of their life. wow! what a wedding 🙂




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Vietnamese Wedding
Chinese Wedding Bali

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Vietnamese Wedding Bali
Vietnam beach Wedding Bali