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Types of Indian Wedding in Bali

Hindu Maharashtrian (Maharashtra)
The Maharashtrian bride in a gorgeous silk sari draped in the traditional Marathi kachche style decks her hair with fresh flower buds & places a golden crown and a bashing thread strung with white pearls around her forehead. Gold jewelry is used to ornament different parts of her body-mango shaped nose-ring, ear-ring, gold bangles interspersed with green bangles, a waist belt, silver toe-rings, and a profusion of neck-wear-putlya har, a necklace made of gold coins, kolhapuri saj, a necklace of floral designs, and the mangalsutra which is an indicator of the bride’s marital status. The groom wears a kurta-pyjama and a golden turban on his head. A bashing is tied on his forehead.
Rabari – Gujarati
The Rabari groom is characteristically flamboyant with an ornamental sword held in his hand. The resplendent costume is accentuated by a red turban embellished with a beaded mod, a turban accessory. The bride is heavily veiled throughout the ceremony
Tamil Nadu
In a wedding in Tamil Nadu the bride wears a red sari and adorns her hair with fresh orange and white flowers. The groom wears a kurta and a white dhoti embellished with zari borders. He drapes a silken stole, angavastram on his shoulders.
Sikh – Punjab
The Sikh bride wears a combination of salwar & kurta that is heavily embellished with golden salma-sitara work with extensive use of gota & kinari. The bride drapes an ornamental dupatta or chunni on her head. Traditional jewelry enhances her beauty. She wears the red & white choora and kaleere, golden danglers suspended from her writs. She sports a tika on her forehead & a nath on her nose. Neck wear includes ancestral jewelry. Namely raanihaar & jugnee.
Muslim (Uttar Pradesh)
A Muslim Bride from Saharanpur displays the profuse jewelry she is required to wear. The traditional bridal garara & kurti has been replaced by a contemporary lehenga-choli embellished with zardozi.
The bride wears a traditional cotton sari of yellow cotton that has been dipped in turmeric, though on occasion silk is also permitted. The bride covers her head with a red veil edged with a golden fringe. Exquisite gold jewelry is an essential part of the bridal attire. The groom dresses himself in shirt and trousers – a very contemporary look.
Kerala – Christian
For the Christian bride from Kerala , white symbolizes purity, and dominates her wedding attire. She wears a white silk sari and a white veil covers her head. The bride adorns herself with gold ornaments – bangles on her arms, finger rings, ear-rings and a variety of necklaces. It is customary for the Kerala bride to wear gold jewelry, which consists of some old ornaments, some new, and some borrowed. An elaborate bouquet of fresh white flowers in her hand completes the ensemble. The groom dresses in a black three-piece suit. The wedding takes place in a church. The bride and the groom take their wedding vows and exchange rings to register their marriage.