Bali Wedding and Event Planner


Bali is the best wedding destination in the World, the most romantic destination, the peacefull honeymoon destination. Bali has become favourite destination in Bali because many factors. The place is beautiful, the facility, infrastructure and investors who build many magnificent location become a place that possible to make an event. So not only the nature factor but also from the balinese people who welcome with investors to build Hotel and Villa.

Wedding is not only about ritual and ceremonial and party, but the other essentials thing is the Legal Wedding. When the Bride and Groom has been doing a ritual wedding, their connection as husband and wife has become valid in the eyes of religion, As a Modern Society (Modern Human) who understand and obedient to the Law, Legal Wedding definitely important to make the connection between husband and wife to be valid in the eyes of the Law, specially international law of wedding.

Indonesia have five religion that have validation to have legal marriage in Indonesia and Bali should follow this srules. Hindu has an association, formal association of Hindu Dharma in Bali, its called Parisadha Hindu Dharma Indonesia  (PHDI) Bali.

Every Hindu Couple who willing to have a legal wedding in Bali, should first get the religion certificate from PHDI to prove the Hindu Religion validity. The Couple need to follow the rules of Hindu Legal Wedding in Bali. The Couple need to using the local hindu priest on the wedding day to have the legal wedding certificate. But if you have your own indian priest we can help you with this. please check below the documents requierements for Hindu Legal Wedding.

1. Passport of bride and groom to be

2. CNI (Certificate of Non impediment to married) from you own country, you can get this certificate from the Civil Registry Office in your own country, this certificate is to certified that you are single, or if you already divorce, make sure you have  the divorce paper. this certificate is the most important. (Should be english)

3. Fill the form from PHDI and the Form from civil regitration in Bali.

4. Hindu Form from PHDI.

5. Pas Photo of bride and groom (3cm x 4cm)

5. Pas photo of bride and groom together (4cm x 6cm)

if your document is not in english, you need to translate all the document, the translation should be done by a sworn translator in your own country. 

whatever your issue to have your legal wedding in Bali, we are here to assist you. Your Wedding Legal in Bali is valid for the whole country in the world and the certificate will be in english.