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How to Plan Indian Wedding Abroad (Bali)

Plan a wedding abroad (Bali) could be very overwhelming since you are not familiar with the destination country, you have no one to trust (not yet),and you have no friends to get to know a second opinion, you have completely no idea where to start, it’s simply a blank piece of paper, but yet, the wedding destination is quite tempting. Here are a few tips:

First thing first, you should MAKE UP YOUR MIND about your WEDDING VISION. this is important because the wedding in Bali is very various, too many options and that could make you more confused, so pick up 3-5 options then you can narrow it down. You can see so many options on the internet,  however, you should remember what is your preferences so you will stay on track.

Choose a wedding planner (choose your person in Bali), in this case, try to choose wedding planner that represent “your person in Bali” have experienced in Indian Wedding. In your hometown you might be able to plan your wedding by your own, but not abroad. Explain everything about your wedding visions, your budget, your preferences, and your rituals, basically work together with them so they will have a big and full picture in their head about your wedding vision in Bali. Choose the wedding planner that has work with many hotels, and has a good relationship with hotels, this will make the wedding plan running very smoothly.

Choose the wedding venue, could be Hotel or Villa (I have written the other article about this, click here ) also it is very important because almost all aspect of your wedding will depend on the venue, the decor, the party,the food, the occasions, their rules and restriction, almost everything. Venue take a big part in how successful your wedding is. ask your wedding planner opinion as usually, they have experienced or they can negotiate with the hotel on your behalf (of course not all hotel/villa is flexible but everything is worth to try). the best way to do this is choose the venue that has good flexibility and Indian wedding friendly. you need to read my article about this matter, click here)

After your wedding planner fully understands about the wedding visions, ask them to make you a wedding package for all the occasions, in this way it will be cheaper than the a la carte price (bulk price is always cheaper than retail/a la carte price) once you receive it, discuss then modify till you really feel good about it. A wedding package will usually include every aspect of your wedding. so basically it takes out a lot of stress. Some packages includes meals, some don’t, it will depend on the flexibility of the venue. All in wedding package is always the best for you, you can separate the bride make up as this is very personal, but the rest it will be more cost-efficient if you put it all together. Simply take out the headache away 🙂 and smart spending.

You can start from those points above, then next.. let the discussion flowing like a river, that’s the beautiful process and you should enjoy it 🙂

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