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Five Factors of Successful Event

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  1. Knowledge and Experience of a certain type of event. This one is very essential, we can anticipate and we can think about the backup plan if we truly understand the event type. We can calculate what could go wrong if we have a certain amount of experience and anticipate that possibility. Without experience it’s like a blank piece of paper, we don’t know the parameter of a successful event.
  2. The ability to use our Imagination. A successful event is a combination of an art job and a technical job. The successful event need both of art senses and technical senses. Art senses to make sure the event is enjoyable for the target audience and we definitely need the technical senses to calculate and prepare the equipment or decoration, also for team coordination. Since event is a case by case task, we definitely need to understand the client expectation and client requirement. We need our imagination to play the “video” of the successful event in our mind, it is literally seeing the event before it happens and it is our job the make that “video” become real and happen in reality.
  3. The excellent team. We definitely need a team who understand each of their tasks. We need a good team both vertically (supervisor and their subordinate) and horizontally (same level). To make sure the event running smoothly we need each part of the “big machine” to run smoothly as well. We have to put the right man in the right place. Other than that, we should give certain space for the new team to learn as regeneration is very crucial.
  4. Chemistry from the client. This is important because chemistry build trust, trust build respect. Mutual respect will definitely be smoothening the event, mutual trust will let the communication flowing naturally and frankly. Good communication will reveal what is the client desire so we get the clear vision of the event goal. Of course we can boost the chemistry with clients from good reputation/good branding and good communication so they confident with our service.
  5. The ability to think the unthinkable. Nobody wants their event to become ordinary, everyone wants their event turn out to be unique and extraordinary but still within their budget. This is very challenging since the budget is also such a big role. Then we need to think about every possibility and utilize every potential within our range. 

and those Five Things are our fundamental in Bali Grace Wedding and Event. To get to know the next step to plan your destination wedding in bali, please read this articles How to Plan Indian Wedding Abroad (Bali)

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