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Documentation required for application to the Catholic Church in Bali :

  1. Photocopy of passports
  2. Photocopy of certificate pre-marriage course
  3. Photocopy of birth certificates
  4. Photocopy Death certificate if either party previously married
  5. Photocopy of detail page of passports of your two witnesses
  6. Baptism Certificates re-issued not more than 6 months & preferably a maximum 3 months prior to your wedding date
  7. A ‘Letter of Freedom’ issued by your Parish Priest or other Church official declaring you have never been married and are therefore free to be married through the Catholic Church.
  8. A ‘Pre-Nuptial Enquiry’ entirely completed, signed & stamped by your Parish Priest or other Church Authority.
  9. A ‘Letter of Delegation’ addressed to the Catholic Church in Bali declaring that your own Parish has no objection to your marriage ceremony being performed by a Priest from the Catholic Church here in Bali.
  10. 3 x photographs approx. passport sized (4×6 cm) but taken horizontally of bride & groom together, head & shoulders only and looking straight ahead. (please remember when making these photographs that they will be attached to your Wedding Certificates and for that reason should be as good as possible)

Because of the many rules and regulations related to Catholic marriage, we recommend a minimum of one month advance booking period and, we will not give final confirmation of the religious part of the ceremony until such times as all documents required by the Church have been received and checked by the local Church Authorities on your behalf. Bali grace wedding would help you to prepare the wedding documents.

Important Note About Witnesses: At least one Witness to a Catholic Wedding Ceremony must be Catholic and, blood-relatives such as parents, brothers or sisters may not act as witnesses. If you have no suitable person traveling with you we will happily act as, or arrange witnesses on your behalf.

1. Saint fransiskus Xaverius Church Kuta

2. Katedral Church in Denpasar

3. Stasi Maria Bunda Segala Bangsa Bukit Kampial, Nusa Dua