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Bali Best Wedding Destination

Bali has been known as a famous tourist destination. In the late ten years Bali is not only for vacation but also a destination to held wedding abroad. Bali has many reason to be the place where you commit your vows with your spouse. The first reason is because balinese people is always welcome and friendly to all kind of people and event. No matter what is your wedding vision, Bali is always available to facilitate your dream wedding.

When you heard the word “Bali” the things that will popped up in your mind is beautiful beaches, the clear sky, the friendly people, and the endless summer. Bali has been known as a favourite tourist destination for decades. Bali has bunch of beautiful spot that offer you a magnificent view such as Uluwatu, NusaDua, Jimbaran, Seminyak, Canggu, Ubud, Jatiluwih, Sanur and many more. In early 1970’s tourist come to Bali only for vacation, holiday, backpack and maybe honeymoon. But start in early 2000, there is a new trend of what tourist do in Bali, they held their happy occasions in this Island of God.

Wedding is a very important moment for everybody. Some people wants to have a simple wedding while the other dreaming about their fancy and glamorous wedding. Some people only invite the closest colleague and family while the other invite hundreds people be the witness their united moment. Some people thinking about private wedding and intimate wedding style while the other thinking about showing off their big fat wedding party to everybody. Whatever your wedding vision, in Bali everything is possible. Beside that, Balinese people are always welcome to any kind of wedding style and always ready to facilitated all the requirements for the event.

Bali has hundreds hotels and villa that has specific character of view and background. Venue that has a rocky beach with a black or white crystal sand in the Tabanan area. Other venue has character of magnificent green valley in Ubud area, this area the weather is more clement and fresh. Uluwatu has other character of wedding venue, Uluwatu cliff offered a blue ocean and wedding venue in the top of the cliff facing to the crystal bay where you can feel the fresh breeze from the sea. For you who love to be closed with the nature, having wedding on the sandy white beach is always possible. There are some places offer a private beach to have this kind of wedding. So that’s the reason, why Bali is one of the famous tourist and wedding destination in the world, because Bali almost has everything.

Bali is one of the province in the country called Indonesia in South East Asia. There is another strong factor that makes people consider Bali to be the wedding venue. Compare to the developed country such America, Europe, Australia, Japan and many more, the wedding cost in Bali is much more reasonable and the things that you can get from that price is very worth. Living cost in Bali is not that high as developed country. So that’s makes a simple and elegant wedding with low budget are possible to conduct. Bali offer various class of event such fancy, classy, simple, or elegant, everything is possible.

As we mention above, Balinese people basically hindu society with very high tolerant and understanding. Western couple is the pioneer tourism that makes wedding in Bali popular but now not only western couple conduct their wedding in Bali. Asian couple such Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Indian and many more are also love to celebrate their love in Bali. Indian & Eastern already start the trend to have a wedding in Bali couple of years ago. In this case Bali has convinced the wedding couple from whole around the world that Bali are able to provide and facilitate any kind of events.

Calling to all the bride-to-be in whole around the world. Wedding is a very special occasion that you are waiting all this time. Bali is one of the wedding destination that able to give you the magic of love.
Every wedding need a solid plan to run smoothly and for sure you need a wedding planner to take your stress away. Bali Wedding Planner is here to help you to make your dream wedding come true, to make you feel like an angel in the island of god Bali.