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Bali Wedding Budget Efficiency

This article’s purpose is to give a full insight into how to wisely spend your wedding budget in Bali. As a foreigner, it could be an overwhelming job to start your wedding, especially when it comes to Hindu weddings with multiple days of occasions. see these tips below

First, Choose Resort that has a few venues to hold your specific occasions each day. This is important because spending money in one resort will give you a very good deal and also your guests will not get bored with the events. In this case please refer to this article to get to know more about Bali venue.

Second, choose the package or Lump Sum Price than A La Carte Price. Shopping in Bulk is always more efficient than buying in pieces/retail. This applies to Food and Beverage, also the event cost (decor, equipment, and entertainment) it is much better to take the package. if your wedding planner offers a wedding package, make sure the package can be modified according to your taste and requirements.

Third, be reasonable and realistic. Those beautifull wedding pictures in Pinterest might be tempting for you, but remember those fairy tales wedding has a cost. There is nothing wrong to use it as guidance but to expect Lamborghinis with Toyota cost is likely impossible. Discuss further with your wedding planner, they might have a solution and both of you can meet at the halfway.


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