Bali Wedding and Event Planner


Ayodya is a Palace of Rama and Shinta. Ayodya Resort Bali offering the balinese style hotel that makes you feel your wedding as a wedding tale rama and shinta. This Huge Resort has few venue for your two or three  days wedding function.

Welcome Dinner can be take place in Balinese Teater. Mhendi henna can be held in Rama Shinta Suite Private Poo. Sangeet Night Can be held in Ballroom, wedding ceremony and dinner held in beach garden, please check below picture.




Mhendi Henna Ayodya Resort Sangeet Night in Ayodya Grand Ballroom Wedding Dinner in Ayodya Mandap Ayodya Wedding Golden Bride Dholi Rental in Bali

Indian Balinese wedding feel

Indian Balinese wedding feel