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6 Things to consider when you choose the right venue for your Indian Wedding in Bali

Hi Bride and Groom to be, choosing the right venue could be a big headache since you have a lot of consideration and even sometimes even your parents, your partner, and your partner-parents has their own consideration, SUCH A BIG PROS AND CONS isn’t it?

Don’t worry, with this 6 consideration you will have a crystal clear vision that your dream venue is the right place to tie the knot.

1. Venue Capacity: this should be nice and sweet, which means if the venue too large then the crowds will look empty, too small then it will look cramps and very not comfortable. If your dream venue too large then we could make a partition as part of the decoration to fix it. nevertheless, if your dream venue is too small compared to your number of guests, then you should bring down the number or make the occasions as semi standing (make sure the occasions is semi formal such welcome dinner or sangeet).

2. Know the difference between Villa Venue and Hotel Venue: Most Obvious thing is villa Doesn’t have a ballroom or large area with a roof above your head because basically villa is a luxury house with a big yard facing to clifftop ocean or beach. In this case, there is no backup venue if you decide to choose the date during the wet season, set up a tent will not fully fixing this problem since in a few cases if the rain is heavy, the tent will not handle it well.  The second thing regarding the curfew in Bali, any outdoor music usually should be stopped by 10-11 pm, if you need to continue the party you can move to the ballroom, and yes, in this case, you should choose a hotel. Somehow, there always a solution if you like a particular villa as one of your venues, you can have the villa for the Shaadi then follow by a small gathering dinner after the ceremony, then continue the party back to the hotel ballroom ( in this case we should consider the transportation cost and the distance between the villa and the hotel). Villa mostly has 4-5 bedrooms only and the hotel has hundreds of rooms.

3. Restriction Level of the Venue: This is very important as a restriction is a real thing. some venue not allow fire, as we know indian wedding need fire, some venue very strict with loud music, and yet, party without loud music is so something, some hotel/villa is very flexible, and some hotel will simply say “No” no matter how smart you negotiate. ask your wedding planner opinion about this. a wedding planner usually the middle person between you and the hotel/villa.

4. Cost Wise: yes, in the end, we should consider the cost and what is the factor to add up the cost.  Talking about the cost, there is no exact number that I can write it here because the range is wide enough. I will explain where you can save the cost and where you should spend the cost-efficiently. Villa usually allow you to bring alcohol bottle and catering without any corkage fee but there is one thing you should take note, Villa has a cost for the venue rental, electricity and cleaning fee, then the crowd’s fee compensation, where usually Hotel don’t charge the venue rental when you reach their minimum spending. In most hotels in Bali, there is a corkage fee for bringing an alcohol bottle from the outside hotel, you should really take note that the bottled alcohol in the hotel could be double the price than the price in the duty-free. Only a few hotels in Bali that have authentic Indian food (they have in house Indian chef: Westin Nusa Dua Bali, Sofitel Nusa Dua Bali, Grand Mirage Tanjung Benoa) the rest of the hotel in Bali might able to provide Indian food but not very authentic, another solution is you can cater from Indian catering outside the hotel, surely there is the cost for this, food corkage. International chain hotels usually more expensive than local management, but you get the pride and grand feeling you seek :). The best way is to choose the hotel that has in house Indian chef or at least giving you the best price for the food corkage fee.

5. Number of the occasions and the variety of venues: We all know Indian Weddings, unlike western or Asian weddings where usually 1 day is enough. Indian Wedding always consists 2 or 3 days events. Let’s say, Day 1 welcome dinner by the beach sands (nonformal), day 2 Mhendi in garden beachfront, sangeet night in the ballroom, wedding by the wedding venue and reception in the ballroom, or maybe you want to experience outdoor reception then followed by an after-party in the ballroom. Villa usually has only 1 venue (the beach/ocean view yard) and large hotel usually has many outdoor venue and ballroom and meeting room. Meeting room we will need definitely if you decide to give hairdo or make up services for your ladies.

6. Accommodation Cost  VS  FnB Cost: Accommodation Cost, yes… its a big deal. if you decide to provide and pay your guests the accommodation cost (2 or 3 nights include breakfast) then you really need to prepare your calculator. even so, there is a solution for this so you can save your budget, you can divide the guests into 2 groups first group is close family then should stay at the hotel venue, the second group you can accommodate them in 3/4 star hotel nearby (best if walking distance) but still we have to think about the shuttle car cost. In most cases hotel will be more flexible on the food cost if you take more rooms (lets say above 50 rooms). other consideration is tourist season, food and beverage cost has no relation with the tourist season or not, but the rooms yes, it definitely depends on the season. (June to August is peak season besides Christmas and New Year)

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